K42 Software

Applications and software solutions for your business.

How we can help your business

K42 builds and maintains your technology for you.

We offer a complete complement of consultation, design, development, and project management services.

Maybe you're a startup who has a great idea for application, or a medium sized company looking to use technology to improve your products, sales, and support; in either case we have the expertise to walk you through your options, and then assist you with the implementation.

Let's work together: Got an idea or just want to chat?

Our services


Support a marketing campaign, or test new product idea before significant investment.

E-commerce applications

Make sales and accept payments with a custom web and mobile applications.

Self service portals

Support your products and services with self service portals that keep customers satisfied.

Process automation

Automate your existing or new business processes.

Scalable data processing

Implement scalable back end technology to affordably run your data processing needs.

Project consulting

Leverage our knowledge and experience to evaluate and assist with your next major IT project.

Let's discuss: Got specific requirements or just want to chat?

Hi. I'm Brian,

I founded K42 Software to help businesses who need custom technology, but don't need a full time development staff. I founded K42 with over 19 years of experience and a large network of associates with various skill sets.

I am involved with every client and project at K42, so when you first contact us I'll be here to discuss your needs and ideas.

I look forward to hearing from you.